Marketing Support

With every OPERA LED Mask, we offer an excellent sales and support package. This package will help maximise your return on investment and promote the treatments for your business. 

Patient leaflets

Leaflets are a great way to engage and start getting the OPERA LED Mask known in your clinic. Clients will see these in your clinic and have a read. Another way to grow your business is by giving them to your existing clients to give to their friends. This would promote OPERA treatments in your area and result in more bookings for the treatments:

Included are:

  • 50 x Opera leaflets explaining the 3 treatment modes + galvanic current therapy

Remember you can buy more if you want.


Posters provide quick concise information about OPERA therapy to clients seeing them in your clinic. The eye-catching posters and designed to really get your clients engaged. 

  • 5 OPERA posters

Remember you can buy more if you need them.

FREE Hydrogel Masks

Get started with 10 Ultra-Hydrogel hydrating face masks.  Your clients will love the treatment with these hydrogel masks as it really enhances the end result. This will make them come back for more.

  • 10 x free ultra-hydrogel face masks included with OPERA purchase

Additional Ultra-hydrogel masks are available to buy in our online shop

Clinic login area where you will have available

  • Clinical studies
  • Sample consent forms
  • Presentations
  • Images
  • Marketing PDFs
  • Training

We provide a thorough, free training for everyone who purchases an OPERA LED Mask. Whichever way you decide to choose you will then be fully trained and certified to use the mask on your clients. 

  • Training video
  • Online application and user manual, for download
  • Skype

OPERA Mask Display Stand

The OPERA mask Display Stand is also included with in the purchase price.

Stylish and practical, it no only provides a convenient yet attractive site to store the OPERA mask and control unit when not in use, it is also functional, with an articulated arm to support the mask just above the face for those who find it uncomfortable or claustrophobic. (Especially useful when treating clients post needling or other invasive skin treatments).

Online Clinic locator

Allowing your potential clients to find you, direct form the Opera and LED Aesthetic websites.



Available to purchase with the OPERA 


Pop-up Advertising Banner

Designed for clinics with more advertising space to really promote the OPERA and encourage your clients to ask questions about OPERA therapy.

  • pop-up banner stand in carry case


There is also an opportunity for a commission, for further sales from a clinic to another clinic, or end user. 

Training & Marketing
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