This deep hydration mask is made entirely of a combination of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and other moisturising ingredients.

The hyaluronic acid and collagen deeply permeates the skin via the efficient permeable system of the crystal collagen mask; providing nutrients and moisture to leave soft, smooth skin.

The crystal collagen face mask forms a net structure that traps all the ingredients in the gel layer to allow a gradual infusion of the active ingredients throughout the treatment period.

This is a transparent mask supporting a combination of natural, water-based ingredients. These ingredients are then absorbed into the skin for nourishment. Under the influence of the small electric current from the OPERA LED mask the Galvanic treatment is used to help open the pores making it easy for the ingredients to pass through the skins' barriers, to get to the deeper layers of the epidermis.

When using the hydrogel mask in combination with Galvanic current this will speed up the process, and the results will be enhanced.


Overall benefits of the Galvanic treatments are; Skin nourishment, skin cleansing, toning of facial muscles, decreasing wrinkles, restoration of sun damaged skin.


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Directions for use


  1. Following a skin cleanse to remove dirt & makeup, apply the 2-part hydrogel mask to the face and position to avoid the eyes and mouth.
  2. Leave the mask in position for 30 minutes for optimal results.
  3. The mask will become thinner during treatment as the ingredients are absorbed by the skin.
  4. Remove the mask and dispose of it. Wipe away any excess moisture.
  5. When used as a stand-alone treatment, repeat daily or weekly as desired.

OPERA combination usage – When used in Galvanic treatment mode, ensure the galvanic studs are in contact with the hydrogel mask for comfort.