The Hydrogel (ultra-hydrogel) mask a transparent mask incorporating a combination of natural, water-based ingredient. These ingredients are absorbed into the skin for nourishment and hydration during therapy.

Under the influence of the small electric current from the OPERA LED mask the Galvanic treatment is used to help open the pores making it easy for the ingredients to pass through the skins' barrier, to get to the deeper layers of the epidermis.

While the hydrogel masks can be used alone, when using the hydrogel mask in combination with Galvanic current  of the OPERA mask the results will be enhanced. 


Overall benefits of the Galvanic treatments are; Skin nourishment, skin cleansing, toning of facial muscles, decreasing wrinkles, restoration of sun damaged skin. 

Bulk Pricing:

1-9     - £7.00 ea
10-49 - £5.00 ea
50-99 - £4.50 ea
100+  - £4.00 ea

With the OPERA mask and the Hydrogel mask being positively charged, this attracts and breaks up toxins and impurities that have a negative charge.

These toxins and impurities are then removed by the body's immune system keeping the face clean after treatment. The impurities and toxins would block glands, therefore, removing them from the face leaves it clean and nourished.