What is the value of LED light treatment?

The clinical benefits of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) treatment, often known as Low-Level Light-Therapy (LLLT), have been known for decades.

The OPERA mask emits a precise combination of LED light wavelengths, designed to provide optimum treatment. All the LED modes utilise Infra-Red light (830nm) in combination with visible light of selectable wavelength

The 830nm infra-Red light is invisible to the naked eye, but will penetrate deeper than other colours in the spectrum, leading to increased blood flow. The increasing blood flow brings elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to the face and neck whilst helping remove waste products, and has effects such as:

  • Combating the signs of ageing
  • Nourishing the dermal and deeper lying epidermal cells epidermal cells
  • Speeding up the healing process

In addition to the Infra-Red 830nm wavelength light emission, the OPERA can be programmed to emit either a Red light of 630nm wavelength, a blue light of 415nm, or a combination of the two - a purple light of 415nm and 630nm wavelength.

630nm red light is clearly visible to the naked eye and reaches deep into the skin layers. It causes a rejuvenation effect by stimulating collagen production, promoting cellular repair and increasing circulation; making the skin look more youthful.

415nm blue light is also visible to the naked eye and is proven to have anti-microbial effect. It also Stabilizes sebum secreting glands which reduces over production of sebum and promoted skin rejuvenation

Combining the two visible lights with the Infra-red allows treatment of complex skin conditions. (415nm and 630nm) The mask operates at both wavelengths and then combines the two wavelengths for visible pink. purple light. This purple light combines the properties of both the blue and the red light meaning a combined anti-microbial and skin rejuvenation program.

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