What is a Phantom Facial and where does the name come from?

The OPERA LED mask is sometimes known as the Phantom mask, a term brought to light by a Vivalva review with Jessica Alba.

Please be aware the OPERA mask is not to be confused with the cheaper, Chinese imitation called the ‘phantom mask’.

The Phantom Facial is a name given to the procedure of using an LED mask on the skin for a facial treatment to help with skin rejuvenation, acne or post care.

There are a lot of LED masks on the market today and it is difficult to know which one is best as all will deliver a facial.

Remember, the number 1 selling brand worldwide of LED mask is the OPERA LED mask. It is the only mask with independent clinical studies to testify to its results. There are cheaper, imitation LED masks on the market; but you run the risk of inferior results, potential Galvanic skin burns and poor manufacturer quality.

If you read our social media pages you can see what all the clinics using the OPERA Led mask and performing a phantom facial think of the results. They are second to none.

The phantom facial is best provided using a:

The result is the best phantom facial on the market today and that undoubted “Hollywood glow” Don’t settle for second best!



The OPERA LED mask is by no way associated with The Really Useful Group and the hit musical "Phantom of the Opera".

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