The science behind LED Facials and how they work

LED's provide a mechanism for Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) or "Photo Bio-stimulation" - a field of 'Phototherapy'. 

Phototherapy is the use of light to treat medical conditions. It has been known about for thousands of years, with natural sunlight seen to benefit certain skin disorders.

The problem with such phototherapy is the amount of damage that can be done at the same time, whereas LED treatment using pre-selected wavelengths of light to enhance the beneficial results whilst reducing or removing the detrimental effects.

How does Phototherapy work?

The effects of Phototherapy and LLLT are photochemical. When the correct intensity and frequency are used, the light energy photons, generated by the LED light sources, are absorbed by selected chromophores in the tissueincreasing Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels and leading to enhanced cell metabolism.

What are the proven benefits of Low-Level Light Therapy? 

The benefits of Low-Level Light Therapy are numerous and depend on the wavelength of the light being absorbed.  Put another way, blue light has effects on the tissues completely different to red light.

Depending on the wavelength of the light energy applied, the improved cell activity might result in an:

  • Enhanced anti-inflammatory effect
  • Enhanced appearance of wound healing
  • Increased skin tightening
  • Elevated skin elasticity
  • Neocollagenisis
  • Increased localised blood flow
  • An analgesia (pain reduction) effect

Technically, it stimulates mitochondrial and ATP production; promoting blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, leading to pain relief & cell proliferation and facilitating the creation and extension of the anti-ageing enzyme.

Our OPERA LED Face Mask

The OPERA has been created with an ergonomic design that ensures the diodes are as close to the skin surface as possible to maximise energy transfer, whilst distant enough to ensure an even coverage across the treatment area.

In addition, the wavelengths of light used; blue 415nm, red 630nm and Infrared 830nm have been chosen to maximise the benefit to the recipient, whilst offering increased safety.

In short, the specific wavelengths of LED light used within the OPERA Mask have a significant effect in encouraging cellular growth and repair, but importantly do not directly change the compound of the cell,, simply providing a stimulating effect; therefore is completely non- invasive.


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