The OPERA LED Mask - Successor to the Deesse Spectrum Mask

Deesse Spectrum Mask with stand

What is the Deesse Spectrum Mask?

The Deesse Spectrum mask was a LED Mask designed in Korea by GTG.

The Deesse Spectrum mask - sometimes referred to as the Deesse LED mask - has since been redesigned from the base up, and relaunched as the world renowned OPERA LED Mask.

Improved clinical information has been used to support the selection of three specific emitted light wavelengths (415nm, 630nm and 830nm) and the shape of the mask has been redesigned to ensure the LED's are as close as possible to the skin, whilst providing an even coverage leading to a level absorbed energy dose and more consistent clinical results, and a nearly non-existent risk of burning or scarring.

As the Deesse Spectrum mask was the original LED mask, before it was redesigned into the OPERA Mask for improved results, it means that the Deesse Spectrum mask will still be found in use in some clinics.

Times move on, products improve, treatments get better. If you are looking for LED therapy, it makes sense to ask for the OPERA and not be deceived by receiving sub-standard treatment from its predecessor.


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