Why buy OPERA? A worldwide leading brand

With every new technology there is always going to be imitations and cheaper alternatives. OPERA is the worldwide recognised brand that set the market trend. When you buy the OPERA LED mask you are assured of a quality product manufactured to the highest possible standard from a reputable Korean company.

The OPERA LED is rigorously tested which can be seen with our comparisons against other masks.

The OPERA mask has also been clinically tested, with a published report available by an independent test authority proving the results. If you are considering a cheaper alternative to the OPERA, then be sure to ask for proof in what you are buying. These are some questions that need to be answered.

  • What are the results with the cheaper mask?
  • What output is being delivered by the LED lights?
  • Is there any clinical data backing up the claims?
  • Is it dangerous to clients?
  • What type of galvanic current is being used?

Galvanic Current

The OPERA LED mask has a pulsed micro Galvanic current which is specifically designed to be virtually painless, and negate the risk of burning.

You can get Galvanic burns if the current is not correctly regulated

Is the mask uncomfortable? Can it be used without touching the face?

If its OPERA, then the answer is YES. The OPERA mask comes with a quality metal stand that allows the mask to be held in place without touching the skin. This means if a client finds it uncomfortable or is claustrophobic then the mask can still be used.

Sales Package, Marketing Support and Training

By choosing the OPERA mask you are assured of a quality product as well as an excellent sales package consisting of patient leaflets, posters, training and marketing video, unique OPERA stand, 1 to 1 training + much more.

Celebrity Endorsement

The OPERA brand will enhance your business as OPERA has been used by numerous celebrities and appeared in numerous publications and on TV.

Return on Investment

The return on investment is huge with a return of £25,000 a year for just 2 treatments a day. Clinics are charging between £45-55 per treatment, with lots finding they can easily bolt the treatment on to other treatments such as Botox, Facials, Micro-needling, and other similar treatments.


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