LED light therapy and does LED really work?

YES! LED light therapy Really does Work

LED treatments have been around for years with numerous clinical studies available on LED lights, different wavelengths, different results and different treatments. All the clinical studies prove that LED light therapy treatments are effective. 

One of the latest way to administer LED light therapy has been with the introduction and now world-wide trend of LED facial masks. 

There is only one LED facial mask on the market today with clinical studies using that actual mask and that is the OPERA LED mask. 

There are lots of different mask on the market but how do you know they are delivering the correct intensity of light? Is the light at the correct wavelength? Is the product manufactured to the highest standard? Again, only one mask can answer all these questions with a “YES” and that is the OPERA LED face mask.

So, whilst we know LED light therapy works, we can only be sure it will work effectively if you have a product that delivers the LED light in a correct and trusted manner. OPERA LED results speak for themselves.

Dr.R.Geln Calderhead, one of the world’s leading experts in LED therapy seems to think so. In a published article, he states low-level light therapy with light emitting diodes (LED’s) is

"emerging from the mists of black magic as a solid medico-scientific modality, with a substantial build-up of corroborative bodies of evidence for its efficacy and elucidation of the modes of action. Reports are appearing for many different specialities; however, of particular interest to plastic surgeons treating the ageing face is a proven action of LED on skin cells in both the epidermis and dermis and enhanced blood flow. Thus, LED is a safe ad effective stand-alone therapy for patients.”

If you are sceptical of the results of the LED book into one of the OPERA LED approved clinics and try for yourself

LED treats a variety of different conditions which is dependent upon the Light being emitted and what else is emitted with the visible light

Red light, for skin rejuvenation plus a whole host of other applications

Blue light, for anti-microbial effect

Combination light, for the benefits of both lights together

And with the OPERA, you also get the additional of Galvanic treatment - for advance absorption of products and additional skin tightening

Read our other pages to find out more about these treatments and the results.




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