Hydrogel mask, what are they, and how are they used?

Hydrogel masks or "Ultra Hydrogel Masks" as they are also known are a huge industry leading product to come out of Korea, and now China.

The first product to hit the mainstream was the Korean sheet mask or as some would call it the Korean beauty mask. These original sheet masks though have now been improved and superseded by the Hydrogel mask, which is thicker and made of a material that is natural and full of nutrients. This new version of Korean mask locks in moisture much better, and when used in conjunction with a Galvanic current and LED massively enhances results.

All Hydrogel masks that are sold with the OPERA LED face mask, are transparent which allows the LED light to penetrate through. In Galvanic therapy, the micro-pulse current generated by the OPERA mask instantaneously reduces the bonds between the cells, making it easier for the active ingredients to pass through the skin's barrier, to get to the deeper layers of the epidermis where they will have the maximum benefit. In addition, the micro-charge helps 'push' the active ingredients away from the mask, amplifying the effect. 

Whilst the Hydrogel masks can be used in conjunction with the OPERA LED face mask, they can also be used as a stand-alone device as part of a daily hydration routine.

By using the Hydrogel mask, the skin will feel nourished and hydrated, as well as looking fresh with that unmistakable Hollywood glow!


The Hydrogel masks can be used in the client's daily routine, as the skin will absorb the natural ingredients leaving your clients feeling nourished and fresh faced. When using the Hydrogel mask with Galvanic current, this will speed up the process and the results will be emphasised. 

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