Combining Galvanic Treatment with the Hydrogel Mask?

The LED light therapy mask can also in cooperate a Galvanic current to further enhance results of the LED therapy. The galvanic current in the OPERA LED mask is a micro-current that is pulsed to the skin via electrodes that touch and contour to the face. This micro-current (that 99% of patients will not feel) opens up pores in the skin so nutrients can pass the skins barrier and penetrate deeper into the skin layers enhancing results.

Galvanic currents can be uncomfortable and in worse cases cause burns to the skin if used incorrectly. The galvanic current on the OPERA LED mask is a micro-current and has been thoroughly tested ensuring these issues don't occur.

The OPERA LED therapy treatment is even further enhanced by the use of a high-quality Hydrogel mask. The masks are thick and transparent so the light can penetrate. The nutrients of the mask are passed deeper into the skin layers with the use of the safe galvanic current. This appearance of nourished and moisturised skin is what clinics and celebrities alike are calling the Hollywood glow.

With the OPERA LED therapy mask the Galvanic current is optional and can be used at the same time as LED or totally separate to it depending on your application.

The Galvanic current works in two clear ways when used in conjunction with the specially formulated Hydrogel masks.

Deep cleansing:

The OPERA LED mask electrodes are positively charged as is the Hydrogel mask. This positive charge attracts negatively charged particles such as toxins and skin impurities. It is these impurities that can block the glands of the skin. The toxins and impurities are broken up leaving the skin clear, clean and nourished. When the toxins and impurities have been broken up they are removed by the body’s own immune system and by additional face cleansing after a treatment.


The OPERA LED mask electrodes are positively charged as is the Hydrogel mask.

These two positive forces are working against each other meaning the Galvanic current is forcing away all the nutrients and nourishment of the Hydrogel mask other into the skin. This increased absorption ensures more of the active ingredients of the Hydrogel mask pass through the skin's barrier & penetrate deeper. The results of this increased penetration is a vastly enhanced patient results.

Once the electrochemical balance is altered the negative and positive forces also work to gently contract and expand rhythmically increasing the elasticity of the skin, causing some skin tightening and slowing down the signs of ageing and wrinkles formation. 

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